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Valhalla Strength Brisbane

USAPL Nationals Qualifier -Please copy and paste URL in link below to purchase site.

USAPL Nationals Qualifier -Please copy and paste URL in link below to purchase site.

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Please use the link above to purchase your place!

Valhalla Strength proudly presents the 2024 USAPL Nationals Qualifier!
This competition will take place on Sunday, August 11th 2024.
This is a USAPL sanctioned 3 lift competition. To compete you must be a USAPL Australia member during the week of your competition.
Entries to this competition go live to the public Monday, the 29th of April at 9am.
45 places will be made available for this competition.
Please note to all competitors and coaches; all competitors will receive an email with event information 12 and 2 weeks out from competition. Please look out for these as ALL information will be in these emails (this may end up in spam/ junk mail and it is your responsibility to check this and complete relevant information that is required).
*Please note if you sign up on someone else's behalf and register another person with incorrect details or you enter multiple times with the same account these will be invalid entries. Please sign up under your own name and with your own account.
*If you pay multiple times in a click frenzy and would like a refund from entering multiple times please note there will be a $10 fee. We pay multiple servers to process these payments and information. Accidents will be at the users cost.
* Entries into this competition are nonrefundable once 4 weeks out. If you require a refund and give notice before 4 weeks out there is a $10 processing fee as a part of this refund. 
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