“Valhalla Strength is the result of over a decade of work, a lifetime of dreaming and vision to have one of the best training facilities Australia has to offer. My passion lies within the fields of Powerlifting, Bodybuilding and helping people to maximize their performance potential. I have made it my duty to continuously develop and grow this facility so my members can have the best possible success for their training goals. Even more importantly, that they love every second they are here training. I just love the thought that people look forward to walking through my doors every single day and this could be their happy place.”

“Over the last 5 years I have literally sourced individual pieces of equipment from all over the world, rather than buy a piece just for the sake of it. I have spent a decade travelling and trialing individual pieces that feel the best and deliver the best results. If it's a 20 year old piece that isn't made anymore I would have found it and refurbished it. If its a new piece just built that's now better there is a good chance I have ordered it and we have it! I've even gone as far as building my own custom pieces if I couldn't find something that would do the job it needed to do. All of our Bench Presses here for example are one of a kind, made just for my members. The training experience here is something you will not find anywhere else.”

Matthew Gorle, Owner and Director

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4/90 Northlink Place, Virginia QLD 4014

Phone: 0431 612 226

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