Privacy Policy

How we store and maintain your personal data.

1 Abstract

1.1 Definitions, Acronyms and Terms

We, Us, Our -- Refers to Valhalla Strength and our representatives

User -- Refers to those persons who submit there data through the available forms on our website

Information Owner, Owner, You -- Refers to the individual or organisation that the information is associated with

Personal information, User data-- Refers to identifiable information about an individual

Sensitive Information -- Refers to personal information that is more sensitive and thus requires greater security.

1.2 Rationale

This document is created to describe how we handle the personal information of users, as per the Australian Privacy Policies, set out in the Privacy Act 1988.

Privacy and confidentiality are important to our users, and as such we are obligated to treat the information of our users with respect, ensuring it is stored securely and disclosed only to those who should have access to it.

1.3 Scope

Who the document applies to

This document applies to any user of our digital systems, chiefly users submitting data through our website.

What the document discusses

The document discusses the collection, storage and disclosure of users personal information. Detailing the methods and reasons for collection,

1.4 Contact

Valhalla Strength


Mail: 4/90 Northlink Place, Virginia QLD 4014e

For more information on contact regarding privacy-related issues please refer to chapter 4.5 and 4.6 of this document.

2 Data Management

2.1 Collection of data

We only collect data that is relevant and functionally significant. Data is collected to achieve a specified purpose, but may be held and re-used in other scenarios. Where possible users will be able to decline to provide certain information or to provide information anonymously.

How we collect your data

  • Entered or provided by a user
  • Entered by an employee, on behalf of the owner
  • Gathered from third party sources
  • Compiled from previously held data

Why we collect your data

  • To create an account for the user
  • To Administer and provide functionality to a user account
  • To more efficiently interact with a user
  • To allow us to provide the best solutions for our users

2.2 Use of Personal Information

Personal information is collected for a primary purpose, where possible this will be stated when collecting the data. Information may be re-used after collection for other purposes not related to the original collection.

What will your data be used for

  • To improve communications and understanding with a user
  • To tailor products and experiences for customers
  • To manage internal business processes

2.3 Third Party Disclosure

We may disclose information to third parties when it can help to provide a better experience for our users. We will alert the owners wherever possible before disclosing information to a third party.

2.4 International Storage

In certain circumstances, personal information may be transferred internationally for storage or processing reasons.

2.5 Our data Security Policies

To ensure all user data is stored safely and securely we utilise; protected databases, encryption, data-backups, user authentication, physical security and more.

2.6 De-identified Information

We may disclose information after properly de-identifying it. This may be done to utilise data for educational, market research or other reasons.

3 Key Information

3.1 Sensitive information

We strive to keep sensitive information strictly confidential. Sensitive information will be disclosed to a minimum amount of individuals. We will wherever possible request permission from the owner before disclosing information to any third party.

What sensitive information may we collect

  • Information that may be used to identify an individual, such as name, address, phone number, email address, etc.
  • Communications
  • Any other information that is stated or deemed to be sensitive

Sensitive information may be shared with

  • Relevant employees of Valhalla Strength
  • The information owners
  • The relevant parties when legally obligated to disclose information
  • Other parties agreed upon with the information owner

3.2 Archiving and Destruction

Any data removed by a request from the owner as well as other data will be permanently deleted.

3.3 other collection methods

We may utilise other collection methods, such as website cookies, surveys and other market research techniques.

4 Reporting and Contact

4.1 Reporting a Breach

If you suspect a breach of our systems please report it by contacting us via email at:

We are grateful for any expression of concern about data security. We will respond to and strive to investigate any concerns over the efficacy of our security measures.

4.2 Responding to a Breach

In the event of a breach, we commit to taking all steps to mitigate any damage caused.

If we detect a breach that may affect your personal information we will alert you as soon as practicable, this alert will include information on how to help protect yourself from any adverse effects of the breach, as well as the data that is suspected to have been compromised.

4.3 Accessing Personal Information

If an owner requests a copy of the personal information we hold on them, we commit to providing this information promptly.

4.4 Updating or Removing Personal Information

If you suspect any incorrect information, please update or remove the incorrect information by using the methods outlined below.

Information can be Updated by

  • Update account information at:
  • Contacting one of our representatives
  • Contacting us for any other issues you may have

4.5 Questions and Feedback

For any questions regarding our privacy policy or data security please visit, or contact us at or 3150 3200.

To provide feedback on this document and the policy outlined within please visit, for a copy of a feedback form, or contact

4.6 Contact Us

Valhalla Strength

General enquiries


Mail: 4/90 Northlink Place, Virginia QLD 4014e

4.7 Updating this Document

As the need arises, changes will be made to this document. We will notify our users by posting the updated version on our website at: