Test your strength against some of the best athletes in international competitions, or compete as a novice to challenge yourself.

Competition Calendar

Saturday, 2nd of March APL QLD State Titles
APL QLD State Titles
Sunday, 3rd of March USAPL Brisbane Classic
USAPL Brisbane Classic
Saturday, 27th of April BUSTANUT XIV (Novice Competition)
BUSTANUT XIV (Novice Competition)
Sunday, 28th of April GPC QLD State Titles
GPC QLD State Titles
Saturday, 10th of August Pretty and Powerful (Novice Competitions)
Pretty and Powerful (Novice Competitions)
Sunday, 11th of August USAPL Brisbane Cup
USAPL Brisbane Cup
Saturday, 9th of November Spring Cup (Novice Competition)
Spring Cup (Novice Competition)
Sunday, 10th of November GPC Battle In Valhalla
GPC Battle In Valhalla

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