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The VALHALLA Strength Deadlift Bar

The VALHALLA Strength deadlift bar is the bar of choice at Valhalla Strength.
Measuring 2350mm long, it offers plenty of extra whip to break through those PR’s.

It comes standard with a black Nitrate shaft, and stainless steel sleeves, which are all hand calibrated.
To our knowledge, this is the ONLY deadlift bar in the world that is calibrated, and actually weighs 20kg.

The knurling on this bar is second to none, making sure the bar sticks to you like glue.
Available in standard ‘training’ knurl or extra sharp ‘competition’ knurl.

At $799, we feel that this is the best value deadlift bar on the market today!

Price: $799 Inc GST

Valhalla Strength – Power Bar

The Valhalla Strength Power bar is a strong, versatile, all purpose power bar.

Measuring 28mm thick, 2200mm long, and our signature knurling of the gods.
If you need a bar that can be used on all movements, than this is the bar you need – Squat, bench, deadlift, you can do them all!

Why buy this bar over others on the market. 
– Odins knurl
– 28mm thick
– 2200mm long
– 81cm machined rings
– Centre knurl


Price: $550inc GST

Valhalla Strength – DL Jack

Sick of loading and unloading your heavy deadlifts like a chump?

The Valhalla Strength Deadlift jack is the perfect solution! 
Using the jack to pop the bar up off the ground, it allows you to easily change plates with out mucking about.
Our dealift jack has been engineered higher than others on the market to make sure that even with the use of a deadlift bar, all of your plates STILL come off the ground!

The jack collapses down to a small size to make shipping a breeze. 

Price: $249inc GST

Valhalla Strength – Deadlift Platform

The Valhalla Strength deadlift platform is made to survive the biggest weights!
Measuring 2450mm long, and 30mm thick, it offers plenty of durability.

– 2450mm long.
– 30mm thick.durable. 
– Commercial grade rubber.


Price: $549inc GST

Valhalla Strength Competition Bench Press.

Strong, sturdy, durable.
The Valahalla bench press is designed specifically to withstand the abuse from today’s powerlifters.
All of these bench presses will conform to the rules and regulations of our federation, and will come with the option of a soft or firm pad.

Why choose this bench over others on the market?
– Locally made
– Solid construction
– Approved for use in competition
– Super grippy pad
– Adjustable safety rails
– Lever adjustment
– Powder coating
– Very large lift out platform


Price: $1699 Inc GST

Valhalla Strength Belt Squat Machine.

Strong, sturdy, durable…… TORTURE! 
The Valhalla Strength Belt squat is designed specifically target the lower body, without any load going through the spine.
Lifters of all heights are able to use this machine, especially with the Spud Inc Squat belt’s. In the picture to the left, Hannah is 4’8 and Ed is 6’4…… A huge range! 

Not only is this PERFECT for people with back injuries, but it also allows a lifter to add a lot of extra volume without the worry of fatiguing the back. 
Much more effective, safe, and specific then leg pressing, it is a must have if you want to take your training to the next level.

Get a quad pump that only Odin himself was able to attain………….. Until now! 

Why choose this bench over others on the market?
– Locally made
– Solid construction
– Lifters of almost any height can use it, unlike many others on the market.
– No cables or pullies.
– Adjustable safety stop
– Weight tree 
– Powder coating
– Very large tread plate platform
– 1x Spud Inc belt included


Price: $2699 Inc GST

Valhalla Strength Monolift!

The Valhalla Monolift is arguably the worlds safest monolift, with our totally unique and patent pending sling set up.
With a hydraulic bottle jack for height adjustment, the option to easily move the racks in or out for comfortable hand placement, independently adjustable slings…… this monolift will make team training and running competitions a breeze!

Why buy this monolift over others on the market?
– Unique safety sling set up
– Solid construction
– Made in Australia
– Used at the GPC nationals 3 years in a row!


Price: $4999 Inc GST

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