Kelly Mann

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Kelly is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, with a background as a Strength & Conditioning coach, who specialises in injury rehabilitation & management as well as movement correction, for both general populations and lifters.

She has completed a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology, along with a Powerlifting Australia level 1 coaching certification and her Diploma of Fitness. With an excellent eye for movement and technique, Kelly has worked with some of Australia’s strongest powerlifters and their coaches, to rehabilitate injury and move pain free.

Working with Kelly involves a movement assessment, targeting weaknesses leading to deficits in performance or pain. Once identified, corrective exercise and movement patterns are incorporated into the clients program, ensuring results, without decreasing overall performance. Kelly specialises in lower back pain, shoulder, elbow and hip dysfunction, as well as movement correction due to muscle imbalance.

Kelly is passionate about teaching others how to move to their full potential and most importantly pain free. If you would like to book a movement assessment with Kelly, just click the book now link below or contact her at