Matthew is a qualified Strength & Conditioning Coach who specialises in sports nutrition and physique development. He offers one on one and group coaching as well as customised exercise and nutrition programs.

Matt’s credentials include studies in both Exercise and Nutrition Science’s, Strength & Conditioning accreditation (ASCA), Body Composition accreditation (ISAK) and a Diploma in Fitness.

He is a natural Bodybuilding champion, winning multiple titles at state and national level shows, has competed in Powerlifting at State and National level shows, and has achieved his Pro Card status after his win at the 2016 INBA Australian Championships.

When you work with Matt he combines both his background knowledge of science and real life experience to create customised coaching and programming.

He prides himself on having a keen eye for technique and movement and uses his knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics to critique form, prevent injury, fix imbalances of over dominant, weak and tight structures and for the body builder, develop aesthetic physiques.

If you’re after a strength coach who will assist you with both your exercise and nutrition needs, excel your development as an athlete or looking to compete on stage (both male and females!) Matt is the coach for you.


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