Alicia is our female strength and conditioning coach at Valhalla Strength.
Having undertaken strength training for the last 7 years and specifically trained in powerlifting (at Valhalla Strength) after the birth of both her sons, she credits powerlifting with not only increasing her overall strength but, helping her to lose the weight she put on while pregnant.

Qualified in Pre and Post Natal training and currently studying towards her Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science, Alicia understands what its like to exercise during pregnancy and after childbirth and is very passionate about showing women, no matter their age, height or weight, that they are stronger then they think they are or can be, and that they can achieve a happy balance with food (balance and moderation!), exercise and life.
She is also passionate about biomechanics, movement and technique as well as working with the athlete to prevent as many potential injuries as possible, ( through good programming, mobility work, technique and general strength and conditioning work) as well as being able to guide athletes through rehab programs whether it be from an injury or a health condition.